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April 17, 2014
Bargain Shop Catalog updated:

R&S®SMBV100A Vector Signal Generator

  • R&S®SMBV-B1 Option: Reference oscillator OCXO
  • R&S®SMBV-B10: Baseband generator. Includes digital modulation (real time) and ARB (32M Samples),
  • R&S®SMBV-B106: Frequency range 9KHz to 6GHz
  • R&S®SMBV-B55: ARB Memory Extension to 256MSamples
  • R&S®SMBV-B90: Phase Coherence
  • R&S®SMBV-B92: Hard disc

R&S®RT-ZD40 Active Differential Probe

April 9, 2014
Bargain Shop Catalog updated:

R&S®SMB100A Signal Generator

  • R&S®SMB-B112: Frequency range 100kHz to 12.75GHz
  • R&S®SMB-B30: Overvoltage protection for R&SĀ®SMB-B112
  • R&S®SMB-K21: Pulse modulator
  • R&S®SMB-K23: Pulse generator

R&S®AFQ100A IQ Modulation Generator
200MHz bandwidth

  • R&S®AFQ-B10: Waveform memory 256 Msamples
  • R&S®AFQ-B18: Digital IQ outputs parallel and serial, 16 bit


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