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August 28, 2014
Bargain Shop Catalog updated:

R&S®FSV13 Signal Analyzer
10Hz to 13,6 GHz, -154dBm to 30dBm, resolutionbandwidth 1Hz to 10MHz, Touchscreen

  • R&S®FSV-B24: RF preamplifier 9kHz to 13GHz
  • R&S®FSV-B25 Electronic attenuator, 1 dB steps
  • R&S®FSV-B4: OCXO, precision frequency reference Aging per year: 0.1 ppm

R&S®FSL3 Spectrum Analyzer
9 kHz to 3 GHz, -135 to +20 dBm, bandwidth 300Hz to 10MHz, TFT color display

  • R&S®FSL-B22: RF preamplifier, gain 20 dB
  • R&S®FSL-B5: Additional interfaces video/IF-output, power meter 28 V - DC for noise source
  • R&S®FSL-K30: Application firmware for noise figure and gain measurements

R&S®ZV-Z218 Calibration Kit
1.85mm, 0Hz to 67GHz, Open, Short, Match, Through m/f each

R&S®RTO1004 Digital Oscilloscope
4 channels, 600MHz bandwidth, sampling rate 10GSa/s per channel

  • R&S®RTO-B1: Mixed signal, 400MHz, 5GSa/s, 16 channels, 200MSa per channel
  • R&S®RTO-K3: CAN/LIN serial triggering and decoding

August 20, 2014
Bargain Shop Catalog updated:

R&S®FSH8 Handheld Spectrum Analyzer
100kHz to 8GHz, with preamplifier, tracking generator and VSWR bridge

R&S®FSL3 Spectrum Analyzer
9 kHz to 3 GHz, -135 to +20 dBm, bandwidth 300Hz to 10MHz, TFT color display

  • R&S®FSL-B22 RF preamplifier, gain 20 dB

R&S®SMB100A Signal Generator

  • R&S®SMB-B103:: Frequency range 9kHz to 3.2GHz


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